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Monday, March 31, 2008

'Millennials' show respect for values

Some good news that you probably won't see reported in the main stream media.

The Washington Times is reporting on some findings of J. Walter Thompson, the nation's largest advertising agency (according to that article).

Thompson surveyed 1250 adults and found some interesting results for the "millennials" -- those between 21 and 29 (inclusively, I'm guessing) .

Among the findings
  • 94% respect monogamy
  • 94% respect parenthood
  • 84% revere marriage
  • 88% respect the US Constitution
  • > 75% believe in the proverial "American dream"
  • < 25% have any respect for Hollywood
This must have been a very interesting sample.

  • 15% live with their parents
  • 25% live with their spouse and child(ren)
  • 18% with their spouse
  • 19% with a partner
  • 15% alone
  • 8% with a roommate
Only 19% with a partner compared to 40% married and living with their spouse. Hardly the "shacking up" generation we all keep hearing about.

Read the whole article.

And thanks to Betsy's Page for the link.

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